Renee Nelson


My greatest inspiration comes from God and the nature He has created all around us, so I am never without ideas, whatever the medium.  Whether I’m writing, painting a picture, or creating a sculpture, I strive for the result to be something meaningful that causes the reader or viewer to engage, feel something, or be moved in some way; I want them to smile, laugh, gasp, feel inspired, feel nostalgic, or simply be transported to another place for a moment in time. 


I have dabbled in many forms of art over the years, but my current favorite medium of choice is encaustic – a mixture of beeswax and resin. I love everything about it – the smell, the fact that it comes from nature, it requires no toxic chemicals for mixing or cleaning, and mostly for how diverse it is, and how much texture can be created with it.  I also like utilizing found objects in my work and finding new purposes for items that we normally throw away. I enjoy creating art that can be experienced through touch as well as sight and smell.  I am equally inspired to teach others about the creative process and how delightful it can be; I truly feel that art is and should be for everyone.

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